Shrikanth a Bangalore based commercial photographer hails from a family of very talented artists. He had an eye for photography since childhood. Though he spent most of his teen and late 20’s learning Indian classical music his interest towards photography never faded away. When he was 24 his father gifted him a DSLR which set a dawn of his photography career. He soon went on to learn photography formally under one of the renowned old school photographers of Bangalore.

He started taking up commercial projects from 2008 and has achieved various milestones since then. He has not only worked with various startups helping them with their e-commerce projects but has also worked with great industrial giants like Amazon,Myntra etc. His expertise in photography is widely spread across Fashion,Product,Advertising, E-commerce and creating beautiful Portfolios of actors and models. He owns a unique studio which has space both for shooting indoors and outdoors (Daylight studio) in Sahakar Nagar which is one of the most beautiful residential areas in Bangalore.